Our Menu: Thai Salad

Thai salads, a popular favourite

Please note: prices are available in the downloadable PDF menus linked below

32. Larb Gai

Spicy minced chicken with fresh red onion, mint, coriander, lemon juice and chilli.

32a. Larb Pet

Spicy roasted duck breast with fresh herb and thai dressing.

33. Yum Pla Krob

Spicy crispy fish salad with mixed herbs tossed with green apple and cashews nut.

34. Yum Ta Wai

Grilled chicken served with blanched vegetables in a thick peanut sauce.

35. Yum Apple

Sliced green apple and prawns seasoned with lemon juice, chilli and coriander.

36. Yum Wood Sen

Spicy glass noodle salad with mix herb, tomato, red onion and thai dressing.

37. Yum Nua

Grilled beef salad with mix herb, cucumber and tomato.

38. Yum Pak

Mix vegetable cooked topped with thai style dressing and herb.

39. Yum Pla Muk

Squid salad with fresh mixed herbs and red onion.

40. Yum Kung Sod

Prawn salad with fresh mixed herbs and red onion.

41. Yum Talay

Sautéd salad of prawns, cuttlefish, fish and scallop with a hot and sour dressing.

42. Yum Makeur

Salad of grilled eggplant topped with prawns and thai dressing.

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