Our Menu: Entrée

A delicious snack or a starter for a meal

Please note: prices are available in the downloadable PDF menus linked below

3. Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried crab lightly battered with mixed Thai spices.

4. Golden Parcels

Dumpling filled with mince pork and vermicelli served with sweet chilli and peanut sauce (2pcs).

5. Curry Puffs

Fried puffs filled with mild curry chicken mince and mix vegetable (2pcs).

6. Prawn Roll

Marinated prawns & vegetables wrapped in spring roll pastry served with sweet chilli sauce (3pcs).

7. Spring Roll

Mix vegetables & minced pork filling wrapped in spring roll pastry served with sweet chilli sauce (2pcs).

8. Fish Cake

Homemade fish cake served with sweet chilli & cucumber sauce (3pcs).

9. Gai Hor Bai Toey

Marinated boneless chicken parcels wrapped in fragrant pandanus leaves.

9a. Thai Beef Jerky

Beef fillets marinated with herbs, served with hot chilli sauce.

10. Chicken Toast

Chicken mince blended with herbs, spread on toast serve with sweet chilli sauce (4pcs).

11. Prawn Toast

Prawns marinated on toast served with sweet chilli sauce (4pcs).

12. Chicken Satay

Chicken marinated with special thai spices and grilled, served with peanut sauce (3pcs).

13. Yum Tuna

Tuna salad mixed with ginger, peanut, onion, mint, coriander served with lettuce.

14. Mix Entree (4pcs)

1 Each of Dumpling, Curry puff, Fish cake, Prawn roll served with sweet chilli sauce.

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